OPALFILM® Sun Protection & Film Technology

OPALFILM® sun-protection films and special-function films

OPALFILM® flat-glass films are unique self-adhesive film systems that are developed for retrofitting on kinds of glass and windows panels. This type of glass offers new functions to the real glass system that were not accounted for in their construction. This may be as a result of building’s function’s changes, or design, requirements or not accounted for in the real planning.

Moreover, this sun-protection and customized films can be utilized to offer a broad range of retrospective protection functions in such as sun, heat, glare, UV-, privacy, shatter, surface, and protection from vandalism. They can also be employed to form a new appearance or for other decorative touches.

Also, special-function façade films can be utilized to improve and to alter façades appearance made of synthetic material together aluminum and untreated or coated steel or reinforced façade panels.

Our films are widely applicable to any existing architectural styles and designs which make OPALFILM® sun-protection and special-function films outstanding in retrofitting solution for all kinds of glass-panel constructions.

HAVERKAMP Opalfilm Solar Protection & Film Technology

There are a multitude of uses for OPALFILM, but one of the most important features of this unique adhesive film is its ability to improve automobile glass. The flat glass films are able to adhere with no additional product to offer everything from sun-protection to shatter-proofing. Cars are a fundamental part of our existence in this day and age; without cars, it would be incredibly difficult to maintain an industrialized society. Therefore, keeping cars safe, secure, and optimally functioning with the help of OPALFILM is imperative.

Whether the car you have is simply an older model or lacks certain functions because of its design, odds are high that you could use the added protection of OPALFILM. With the ability to ward off harmful UV rays, generate a sense of privacy, and create definitive safety, this additive is the key to having perfect windows. It can give you the stability and peace of mind that comes with a completely safe vehicle, in every regard. The films can also be customized to fit on any glass, and this benefit makes them widely applicable for any automobile.

So, what exactly does OPALFILM technology offer for vehicles? Protection is a very broad term, but this film fulfills the majority of its connotative possibilities.

With car tint, you can prevent harm from the sun in the form of excessive heat, obtrusive glares, and carcinogenic UV rays. To tint cars with OPALFILM is to apply the customized self-adhesive flat glass film to each window or windshield and enjoy life free from the sun’s damage. Car tint Malaysia is especially necessary due to the sun’s intensity.

The car tint is not the only thing that OPALFILM is capable of providing, however. In addition to giving your vehicle quality car tint in Malaysia, you can take advantage of the privacy enabled by this film. Through a tint car, you can escape prying eyes and avoid drawing any attention to yourself. Additionally, this car tint film can prevent serious vandalism and damage due to its strength and veracity. Being shatter-proof and having surface tension enable the film to protect against common criminal attacks.

A tint car glass-covering film is not all about function, despite its many protective virtues. The OPALFILM technology can also be used for decorative or aesthetic purposes, giving your lovely car the look you’ve always wanted for it.

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